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This section features MDA documents that you can open or download direct from this page.
numbers issue 1
Numbers Issue 1
Each issue of Numbers highlights a selection of MDA projects.
Size: 717KB
numbers issue 1
Numbers Issue 2
More projects including the Sydney Ports Authority.
Size: 720KB
numbers issue 1
Numbers Issue 3
A selection of projects from 2009.
Size: 630KB
numbers issue 4
Numbers Issue 4
Projects from 2010 and 2011.
Size: 616KB
What is a Quantity Surveyor?
What Is A Quantity Surveyor?
This article provides a basic outline of quantity surveying and the work a quantity surveyor performs.
Size: 52KB
numbers June 2014
Numbers June 2014
Projects from 2013/4.
Size: 730KB